Gnome Chompski
Garden Gnome
dmg/attack: 1 (1.3)
DPS: 1 (1.8)
crit dmg: 1
crit chance: x 0
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 1 (1.4)
AP: 27
Requirements & perks
skill: Melee Weapons 0
strength req.: 2
perks (dam.):
perks (att.):
repair: None at all
item HP: 50
weight: 1
value: 15
base id: l3f74d21

Gnome Chompski is quite potentially the worst thing you could think to use as a weapon. He barely does any damage at all, and he is a pain to get. The only advantage is that if you manage to bring him to the end of a quest with you, you randomly get some shirt you probably will never wear in your life. He is an utter waste of time to get, and you will usually die about 5 times if you try to use him as a weapon.